We’ve got to that time of year where the daffodils are peeking through, the morning’s are brighter and the moderator emails saying “Hub 2016/7“! We’ve put together some quick tips when it come to setting up your module areas for 2016/7 for you to flick through.  Let us know if you have any tips in the comments below.

5. Programme templates

Last year we worked with a number of programme teams to develop specific templates for each of their modules.  Once the template structure has been agreed it can be applied to all the programme modules allowing students to have a consistent user experience.  If your programme team hasn’t yet developed a template and you are interested, drop us an email to tel@qmu.ac.uk

4. Friendly welcome

Don’t be shy, upload a photo of the teaching team introducing you. You may even want to upload a video introducing the module, the learning outcomes, explaining the assessments and where students can find their way around.  You may wish to upload the video to our new video server and embed in your module area.  Just let us know, if you would like us to help.

3. Assessments

Online assessments have come a long way.  You no longer need to suffer staple cuts, carrying submission stacks to your desk, transport boxes home, complete spreadsheets of marks or feedback sheets saved in a particular format with a particular file name. Life can be easier!

Online marking using Turnitin GradeMark is being refreshed over the summer.  With a simpler user interface, so it’s never been easier to mark from your desk, on the laptop, on the sofa or in the park on your iPad. 🙂

Sign-up to a workshop for more information about setting-up, marking and the feedback process.

2. Adaptive release

At the beginning of the year, students are bombarded with information not just on your module but all modules. They will be receiving messages from professional support services and induction details.  Once you have uploaded your documents, take some time to apply an adaptive release.

An adaptive release allows you to upload your materials and set rules so they are made available to students at certain times. Having content trickled, will help focus students and keep them engaged with your Hub module area. Students will be notified when the files become available. You can even set rules linking release to date, review status and grades.

1. Not another form!

We know you need time to organise your Hub modules. So this year we are making the areas available even earlier. This means if you want to make use of a new template and the benefits that offers, then you have time to structure your new site and upload your materials. So if you submit your form before 8th April, you will receive your 2016/7 module area the following week.

If you have your own tips or maybe you have used one of the tools before, please share your experience in the comments below.

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