Opening Educational Practices in Scotland (OEPS) 4th Forum

One of our team attended this 1 day event held at Stirling University.

The OEPS is a funded project launched in September 2014 and running until July 2017. The aim of the project advisory forum is to create a dialogue between the Opening Educational Practices in Scotland project and key stakeholders in Scotland and beyond. Queen Margaret University, like others, is interested in adding to and taking advantage of the great number of digital resources available under open licence.

The keynote speaker Josie Fraser, ICT Strategy Lead at Leicester Council, introduced delegates to the Scottish Open Education Declaration recently published by the OEPS. This is available at  The wide-ranging declaration includes the intention to “Support the development of user-friendly tools and technologies to find, retrieve and share open education resources that are relevant to the needs of teachers and learners.  Josie also reminded attendees that TED videos are all available under Open Licence, and that resources on the Times Educational Supplement’s “free” area is published under one of 3 Creative Commons licences.

The afternoon Workshop was hosted by Ronald Macintyre from the Open University in Scotland. Attendees were asked to consider a number of questions including:  “What factors have driven, or are driving, an interest in OER (Resources) or OEP (Practices) in your institution or organisation?” and “Are there possibilities for cross sector collaboration?  If so what – ideas to take forward?

With over 50 attendees from Scottish universities, Scottish public-sector bodies and indeed the wider UK, the event offered excellent opportunities to network and find out how other organisations are approaching the opportunities offered by Open Educational Resources.