In April, we had another really successful study week and I would just like to congratulate everyone who participated in the two day doctoral candidates conference, we had some wonderful presentations and posters, this event is fast becoming one of the highlights of the academic calendar so congratulations to the DCA for putting it all together.

Upcoming events

We have a study week for continuing doctoral candidates coming up from the 21st of this month for a week, we have some really great, interactive sessions lined up, whilst they are aimed at candidates in their 2nd year of study (year 3-4 for part time candidates) anybody is welcome to come along. Information is available on the hub in the doctoral student area and also within the READ area on the hub.

Various supervisor sessions are running and are available to book via the graduate school website


Some of you may be aware that we have been trialling a new piece of hardware called the Swivl. The Swivl allows us to capture sessions and put the recordings online in order to share the classroom experience with candidates that might not be able to attend study weeks. So far the Swivl has proved easy to use and will hopefully allow us to share doctoral sessions more easily. The idea is that in future all sessions will be captured using the Swivl.

As always if you have any suggestions regarding workshops or programmes you would like us to offer please contact