In May 2018, Susi was invited to visit Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad in Romania by the Rektor and Professor Dorin in the education department.

Susi presented at the at the graduation event for social science students. In her speech entitled “Shaping the New” (translated into Romanian), Susi encouraged learners to celebrate their achievements whilst thanking parents, friends and tutors who had supported them on their journey. Calling upon T.S.Eliot, Robert Frost and Miroslav Holub, Susi urged graduands to always challenge themselves in the future and to take the path less travelled.  She reminded them that technologies such as artificial intelligence will provide many opportunities in their life but to always be true to themselves.  Her speech was particularly well-received by learners and parents.

Later she ran a workshop on reflection which was attended by 20 education students . The Jelly baby reflective exercise was one of the high spots of the session accompanied by Jelly Baby Testing. Feedback was very positive including “I’ve learned today that we are not fully prepared for answering life questions. We always have new things to learn about.”

180907 Romania 2 SusiP

The next day Susi presented at the opening plenary of the International Symposium “Research and Education in an Innovation Era .” Susi introduced QM and her research into online learning. Later in the day she presented in more depth her work with Professor John Cowan, Dr Lindesay Irvine and Jane Williams about sense of belonging and online learning. Susi’s paper for this conference “On discovering and profiting from the sense of belonging literature” is now available online (

Over the three days, Susi made many contacts from Russia, Serbia, Mexico, Italy and Turkey. She is currently liaising with the Rektor about the possibility of on-going collaborative work.

Susi would like to thank Professor Bamber, Marion Scott and her team for their support.