I am making preparations for travelling down to Emerson College in Forest Row for a 4 day conference on ‘Coming to our senses: embedding contemplative pedagogy in higher education’.

The conference is jointly organised by myself. Caroline Barratt from Essex university, Siobhan Lynch from Southampton and Steven Stanley at Cardiff and is the third conference I am involved in organising in this area. The previous two took place at QMU. I am greatly looking forward to spending four days with colleagues from around the UK and internationally, exploring how we can further develop the integration of contemplative practices with our students, through our teaching and support processes.

We have a set programme for the first two days, followed by an Open Space Technology format for the last two days. The wonderful Emerson campus, the food they provide and the various contemplative practices we will experience and discuss all provide a solid basis for a truly transformational event. If you are interested in finding out more, please check out what’s happening at QMU.