Three-years-ago I visited Kathmandu to lead the rollout and required staff development of the Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) software, processes and practices.  This resulted in 100% of eligible submissions and feedback being digitalised, creating a transparent and efficient approach to marking whilst benefiting students with the timely delivery of detailed in script feedback. The efficacy of the EMA approach used with our Transnational Partnerships also seeded change on campus at Queen Margaret University, with the full digitalisation of marking and feedback beginning this academic year.

Over the years processes have been refined, best practices developed, systems updated and new staff have joined our community of partners. As such, I was delighted to have the opportunity to return to Kathmandu and working with Mike Pretious Senior Lecturer in QMU’s Business School, delivering a series of sessions with staff and students at both Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management and Ace International Business School.

Staff sessions covered topics on:

  • Using the Virtual Learning Environment for sharing rich media and content localisation
  • Review of assessment practices
  • Online marking and aligning feedback using Turnitin
  • Marking and moderation process
  • Enhancements discussion

An enjoyable benefit of the timing of the visit, in addition to reconnecting with our colleagues, was being able to welcome the new students starting at Silver Mountain. Mike and I took great delight in greeting the students whilst running, induction and academic development sessions for 140 students.

Students sessions covered topics:

  • Queen Margaret University
  • Introducing the programme
  • Level expectations
  • Managing workload
  • Learning in the Hub (VLE activities)
  • Library resource and researching
  • Referencing and Academic Integrity
  • Submissions and Feedback
  • Using your feedback

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We were incredibly grateful to staff and students for their engagement in discussions, Mike and I came away inspired by the ambition and energy nestled within the partnerships and wider Kathmandu.