From the start of this academic year, Queen Margaret University has adopted online marking using Turnitin. The Turnitin Summit provided us with an opportunity to meet with the Turnitin management team and discuss community feedback. Turnitin is currently used in 160 countries for checking Academic Integrity, Online Marking and Feedback. Over the last 12-months, there have been over 185,000,000 submissions made to the servers totalling 8.2 Petabytes of data.

During their presentations, Turnitin demonstrated Project Magnolia which will allow the individual release of feedback within a single dropbox, multiple-markers, double-blind marking, and roles for moderation/external examiners.  The beta for testing will be available at QMU from 2019.


Authorship Investigate, a new tool within the Turnitin suite, using Machine Learning and Linguistic forensics, provides additional information about the authenticity of a submitted piece of work. This tool is currently being trialled by universities in the UK and Australia.