At the beginning of October, Roni Bamber ran 5 days of workshops for Metropolitan College collaborative partner staff in Thessaloniki and Piraeus. The Piraeus workshops were held in the brand new MC campus, south of Athens. 35 people who are starting to teach on a range of QMU programmes (Business, Dietetics, Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Speech & Language Therapy) attended the workshops. Most of the participants were new to teaching on QMU programmes, and were very keen to work on issues which are also top of the agenda for Edinburgh staff, like how to give students good feedback on their assessment and how to engage students actively in their learning.

As part of our collaborative agreement, MC staff can now gain Fellowship of the HEA through applying to the QMU CPD Scheme. CAP is currently supporting 8 MC colleagues to obtain fellowship, and several attended briefing tutorials during Roni’s visit. All 4 are preparing applications for Senior Fellowship in the coming year. One of last year’s applicants has now submitted her application for Senior Fellowship to the QMU CPD Scheme Recognition Panel.

Some of the Thessaloniki participants:

2018 10 Thess

Some of the Piraeus participants:

2018 10 Pirius