Blackboard Ally is a tool that offers staff advice on the accessibility of the resources they upload to Blackboard, and offers students those same resources in a number of alternative formats.

Ally provides feedback to staff on the accessibility (for example to a student using a screenreader) of the content they upload, and advice and instructions on improving the accessibility.

For students, Ally creates alternative file formats such as audio and epub (e-book format) which may suit different students in different circumstances. These formats are made available alongside the original resource in the Blackboard course area.

We have enabled Ally on Hub for 2018/9 areas, but it is not switched on by default. If you wish to use Ally, or wish to know more about Accessibility generally, please contact a member of Technology Enhanced Learning staff at Any tutor can turn on Ally in their Hub area as follows: Control Panel->Customisation->Tool Availability, then select the checkbox beside Ally and Submit.

Watch the QMU video for Instructors!

Watch the QMU video for Students!

Watch the QMU video about how to switch Ally on in a Hub area!

Further guidance is available at