Presentation at the Teaching Excellence Network at the University of Glasgow by Susi Peacock and Christine DePlacido

Last month, Susi and Christine visited the University of Glasgow to present at their inaugural event of the Teaching Excellence Network for Senior and Principal Fellows and Teaching Award winners. The Network seeks to establish a trusting, collegiate, collaborative community that will champion learning, teaching and scholarship.

The session commenced with Professor Frank Coton (Vice-Principal for Academic and Educational Innovation) discussing the importance of learning and teaching for Glasgow and reminding staff of the new Learning Hub Development which will focus on providing fit-for-purpose learning spaces. Then, Christine and Susi used their work in leading the Online Tutor Network at QMU as a case study to facilitate group discussions with academics, drawn from across the institution about their Network.  Christine and Susi discussed how the work by Cox (2017) on Faculty Learning Communities and Garrison’s on Communities of Inquiry had shaped their thinking about the Online Tutor Network.

Using Poll Everywhere Christine and Susi asked participants to consider the purpose of their grouping, its characteristics, hoped-for achievements and potential challenges. Christine and Susi closed the session by offering their top tips for starting and sustaining a staff network.

SusiChrisChristine and Susi and the participants from the University of Glasgow

The session drew upon Christine and Susi’s recent publication in the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice.


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