Queen Margaret University Nursing (QMU), Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and Centre for Academic Practice (CAP) collaboration is all set to Launch the new Open Access Course ‘Caring For My Bones’ , 21st January 2019

This novel education course is an important output from the Lydia Osteoporosis Project, an extensive programme of research and education at QMU, ongoing since 2012, and generously supported by donations from anonymous individual benefactors. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes increased fracture risk and is highly prevalent in older persons. Worldwide the ageing population means that Osteoporosis and fractures are an ever increasing public health concern.

The course seeks to expand health and social care practitioners’ awareness of osteoporosis and implications for practice enabling them to translate knowledge into actions that genuinely place the person at the centre of the care process. We emphasise ways to promote bone health and minimise fracture risk through mobility and safe and effective moving and handling. We draw on our strong links with specialist practitioners in osteoporosis, fracture liaison, falls prevention and manual handling, members of the public affected by osteoporosis, academic staff and learning technologists. The course is accessible to all practitioners. There is scope to extend learning by drawing on excellent learning resources that include videos with experts and bespoke moving and handling practice simulations, narrated presentations, opportunities to participate in discussion groups and links to key literature and significant developments in this exciting and progressive specialty.

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Look out for further information on this blog and QMU social media as we approach launch day!

Dr Margaret Smith | msmith1@qmu.ac.uk