Turnitin Summit – September 2018

From the start of this academic year, Queen Margaret University has adopted online marking using Turnitin. The Turnitin Summit provided us with an opportunity to meet with the Turnitin management team and discuss community feedback. Turnitin is currently used in 160 countries for checking Academic Integrity, Online Marking and Feedback. Over the last 12-months, there have been … Continue reading Turnitin Summit – September 2018

Visit to Kathmandu – August 2018

Three-years-ago I visited Kathmandu to lead the rollout and required staff development of the Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) software, processes and practices.  This resulted in 100% of eligible submissions and feedback being digitalised, creating a transparent and efficient approach to marking whilst benefiting students with the timely delivery of detailed in script feedback. The efficacy of the EMA approach … Continue reading Visit to Kathmandu – August 2018

Introducing Digital Assessments

At Queen Margaret University, approximately 9,300 essays have been marked by tutors within Turnitin and 1,768 assets submitted to ePortfolio over the last 12-months.  For Turnitin, those figures represent a ten-fold increase in its use for marking, within just 4-years. Senate and Student Experience Committee endorsed that "from September 2018 all eligible submissions, by default, … Continue reading Introducing Digital Assessments