A tutor toolkit to promote a Sense of Belonging for online learners

“the greater a student’s “sense of belonging” to the university, the greater is his or her commitment to that institution … and the more likely it is that he or she will remain”  (Hoffman et al (2002-2003, p.228).  Online learners need to develop and maintain a healthy Sense of Belonging (SoB) if they are to … Continue reading A tutor toolkit to promote a Sense of Belonging for online learners

Developing a Network to Support Change.

Presentation at the Teaching Excellence Network at the University of Glasgow by Susi Peacock and Christine DePlacido Last month, Susi and Christine visited the University of Glasgow to present at their inaugural event of the Teaching Excellence Network for Senior and Principal Fellows and Teaching Award winners. The Network seeks to establish a trusting, collegiate, … Continue reading Developing a Network to Support Change.

Turnitin Summit – September 2018

From the start of this academic year, Queen Margaret University has adopted online marking using Turnitin. The Turnitin Summit provided us with an opportunity to meet with the Turnitin management team and discuss community feedback. Turnitin is currently used in 160 countries for checking Academic Integrity, Online Marking and Feedback. Over the last 12-months, there have been … Continue reading Turnitin Summit – September 2018

Visit to Kathmandu – August 2018

Three-years-ago I visited Kathmandu to lead the rollout and required staff development of the Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) software, processes and practices.  This resulted in 100% of eligible submissions and feedback being digitalised, creating a transparent and efficient approach to marking whilst benefiting students with the timely delivery of detailed in script feedback. The efficacy of the EMA approach … Continue reading Visit to Kathmandu – August 2018